Canonical+Google+Flutter = Wonderful news πŸ’™

Canonical+Google+Flutter = Wonderful news πŸ’™

Some days ago my Twitter feed was full of news about a collaboration between Google and Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu distro) to enable Linux desktop app support with Flutter.

This collaboration wants to lead developers to write desktop applications in Flutter that can be installed on all Linux distributions via the Snap Store, so they can reach millions of Linux users with high-quality desktop apps.

Now with Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications from a single codebase, you can develop an app for iOS, Android, Web (in beta), macOS and Linux (both in alpha) and this move will speed up Flutter support for the Linux desktop environment.

They also showcase a fully functional app, developed with gskinner designers and developers, that can be installed from the Snap Store.


The app is a contact list that works with your Google Contacts list. You can manage your contacts, search for names and tag, add new contacts, and edit them. The app also shows GitHub and Twitter notifications from your contacts and supports Light&Dark mode.

You can also see all the application code, available on GitHub, study it, and make a PR.

The collaboration between these two companies can only lead to improvement of the Flutter ecosystem and brings more developers to code on Flutter to build beautiful cross-platform apps.



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