Covid-19 Tracker ITA:  Coronavirus charts & stats from Italy

Covid-19 Tracker ITA: Coronavirus charts & stats from Italy


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Hi everyone in my spare time I wanted to bring some help in this complicated emergency due to COVID-19. So I made a little dashboard to show statistics about COVID-19 in Italy using the data made available by the Italian Civil Protection Department in this repo: Dati COVID-19 Italia.

I made this because on every site, every journalistic or news head is constantly reporting statistics of all kinds so I wanted to use these data and represent them in understandable graphs to report, without filters, the progress of all this information taken directly from the official source.

So COVID-19 Tracker Ita was born in which the cumulative and daily graphs are reported for:

  • Total Cases
  • Discharged Healed
  • Deceased
  • Intensive care

which can be filtered by national trend or by individual regions, at the top of the page there is also a summary of the total cases, discharged healed, deceased and the latter two also shows the percentage of the total cases to view the incidence of the two categories.

The project repository is freely available here, all the code is Open Source and released with MIT license (unless otherwise specified in the libraries that I include).

Used Libraries

  • Chart.js: library for creating charts in JavaScript;
  • Bulma.css: CSS framework for web page styling;
  • Zepto.js: JavaScript library for modern browsers almost completely compatible with the jQuery API but much lighter;
  • Day.js: library for managing dates alternative to Moment.js but much lighter;


I would like to add the following clarifications:

  • The data are reported as they are, I do not make any kind of forecast or analysis. I take the data as it is made available and put it in a graph;
  • Cause I do not make any calculation on the data if you find inaccuracies or something does not come back to you, let me know or directly open an issue on the official repository: COVID-19;
  • The data I display are exclusively those of the national trend, in the repository there are also data by region and province but I do not use it;
  • The source code of the page and the generation of the graphs is Open Source with MIT license;
  • Since the code is Open Source, you can look into it and if you find an error please let me know by opening an issue on the repository or making a push request;
  • I don't profit from the page and I have hosted all the code on GitHub to be as transparent as possible;
  • The page contains the Google Analytics code for purely statistical purposes and with anonymization of the IP (if you do not trust look in the source);

The aim of the project is to represent data without any filter to inform readers. I conclude with the motto of this #iorestoacasa emergency and also with the personal one of my city #molamiaberghem!