Flutter Assets Bar example on Codepen.io, let's code it!

Flutter Assets Bar example on Codepen.io, let's code it!

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Last week Codepen.io, the leading social development environment for millions of front-end developers and designers, announced the support to Flutter with this post on Medium: Announcing CodePen support for Flutter.

So now developer can showcase their work on Codepen and the amazing Flutter community started to release some amazing pens on the platform like these:

I want to try Codepen with Flutter, so I implement a little view that I'm using in an app that I'm developing. The view is an assets bar used to represent a set of resources or space available and which can be used in all the apps that showed the occupation of a disk, assets in a portfolio, a set of currencies in an account. The class that manages all the stuff is the MyAssetsBar and supports some options: width, height, the radius of the corners, ordering (Ascending, Descending, None), assetsLimit.

Feel free to use the example and implement it in your apps.