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FlutterFire: Firebase and Flutter in Love ๐Ÿ’™

FlutterFire: Firebase and Flutter in Love ๐Ÿ’™

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ยทAug 20, 2020ยท

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Some days ago a new website hits the internet and it's FlutterFire: the official Firebase plugins for Flutter. With this website, you can see all the info about the integration between Firebase and Flutter.

Via this website it's super easy to find these informations:

  • name of the package
  • last version
  • links to and firebase documentation
  • link to the GitHub repo
  • state of support for Mobile, Web, and MacOS

Schermata del 2020-08-20 22-34-25.png

You can also visit the flutterfire repo on GitHub, read the official documentation where you can find all the info to import all the packages, an overview of the package and their reference API.

I think that's a fabulous way to get all the info about the integration between Firebase and Flutter, improve your knowledge of the two platforms and build more powerful apps for both mobile, web, and MacOS. By now all packages have mobile support and support is being added for more and more packages for both Web and MacOS and you can find all development updates directly on the main page.

If you want more info on the update you can read this useful blog post on Medium by Chris Sells: Updates on Flutter and Firebase.

Code strong, Alberto

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