How to monetize your blog on Hashnode

How to monetize your blog on Hashnode


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Hi everyone, in this article I want to share with you a method to monetize your blog on Hashnode based on the wonderful opportunity provided by Hashnode to customize your blog URL with your own custom domain.

More or less a month ago Sandeep Panda with this article: How to enable Web Monetization on your Hashnode blog in 2 steps, and Akintunde Sultan with this article: Web Monetization on Hashnode, showed us how to enable web monetization through Hashnode options on our blogs.

In this article, I will show you how to get another option with Brave Browser and its rewards program based on BAT.

Become a Verified Content Creator on Brave Rewards

The first step is to become a Verified Content Creator on Brave Rewards by following the Sign Up procedure on the Brave Creators Website. So users who surf the internet with Brave and who show interest on your content can send a voluntary donation or if they opt-in for the automatic rewards, you can be automatically rewarded for their browsing.

Create a new Channel

In my case my personal domain is and my Hashnode blog is on, your configuration may vary based on your domain or Hashnode blog domain

You have to Sign up on the Brave Creators Website and create a new Website Channel


enter your domain info


choose a verification method


in my case, I opt for I'll use a trusted file because I have access to my domain via FTP so I can upload the verification file, but your case may vary. So you have to upload the brave-rewards-verification.txt file in a .well-known directory on your hosting/VPS/website


and finally, click on Verify. If all goes well you'll see the newly created channel


If you use Brave Browser and you go on your domain you'll see a BAT icon with a blue check in the address bar which means that you have been correctly recognized as Creators. The process may take some time but if you have done everything correctly it should appear after not long.


Here comes the magic

In my case my blog on Hashnode is on the domain:, so Brave automagically recognize my Hashnode blog (homepage and single posts) as contents published by my site and that can be used for monetization through the Brave Creators network, I can therefore receive rewards, both automatic and voluntary, from users who use Brave Browser and that they have enabled ads and rewards for their browsing.

Bye, Alberto

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