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Save Bookmarks to Notion Database with Telegram and Quarkus

Save Bookmarks to Notion Database with Telegram and Quarkus

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ยทOct 26, 2022ยท

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Hi everyone, in this post, I want to show you how I experimented with the Quarkus framework to solve a problem I had with saving articles to read them later from different PCs and from my smartphone.


For work and in my personal life I use 3 devices:

  • Business PC with Ubuntu
  • Personal PC with Pop! _OS
  • Smartphone with Android

On all these devices when I browse it often happens that I want to save articles, web pages, and guides to read later. I have been using Notion for some time to organize my bookmarks list, in which I created a database where I save my links, add tags, date, and if I have already read them or not. But using 3 different devices I wanted a quick way to save the links directly in Notion without having to open the web or the Android app, create a new line, choose tags, and put a title and a date.

So I thought of creating a simple Telegram Bot to which I can send a message and it, using the Notion APIs, saves the web page in my database. The Bot is powered by a Quarkus application.

Let's see how I did it!


The source code of the application is available in this repo on GitHub: Telegram2Notion Quarkus released under MIT license.

Once configured, the result is what you can see in this video:

Here is some information about the project:

The general operation is schematized as follows:



You can always follow the development of the application by referring to the repo on GitHub: Telegram2Notion Quarkus and on the issues page, currently the next feature to be implemented is the possibility to specify a custom title for the link you want to save (#5).

Bye, Alberto

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