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Flutter and Other Experiments

Interesting in Beta Apps on Play Store? This App is for you

Interesting in Beta Apps on Play Store? This App is for you

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Alberto Bonacina
ยทMar 9, 2020ยท

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In my last article, I wrote about the Beta Program on the Play Store. Last week I discover an app that solves two main problem:

  1. Monitor the Beta Program of an app and be notified when you can join because some spot were freed;

  2. Discover if the apps that you've got on your device have a beta program to join.

The app that does these things is Beta Maniac. If you read the description on the play store you can see:

Beta Maniac allows you to periodically scan the beta programs of the apps you have installed, and sends you a notification when a limited number beta program becomes available again, and you can subscribe to the beta program simply by clicking on the notification.

You can also manage your subscriptions to beta programs directly from the app, filter the lists according to your tastes and enjoy an attractive and up-to-date design.

The app is very minimal, simple and I like it very much, if you're interested in trying new apps and join beta programs, Beta Maniac solves pretty much all of your needs and it's completely free.

Test strong, Alberto

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