Monetize your Flutter Apps with Google Ads

Monetize your Flutter Apps with Google Ads


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Hi everyone in this article I want to give you some more information about the recently announced update for Google Ads and Google Ads Manager plugin on Flutter. With this package, you can insert in your app all the supported Ads Format from Google and monetize your app through them.

With google _mobile_ads package you can choose from these ads format:

  • Banner: rectangular ads that appear in a fixed position on the screen, usually at the top or bottom, and stays on the screen while the user interacts with your app. Usually is the first banner to try out but with this ad, you lose a portion of your screen;
  • Interstitial: a full-screen banner that appears on top of your app and stays there until the user closes it. It's the perfect announcement to show in your app when there is a pause or when the user has just completed an action, such as a level in a game;
  • Native Ads: ads that have the same style as your app and you can choose where to place them to interfere as little as possible with the use of your app, often found within lists or content grids;
  • Rewarded: ads that reward users for watching it, are often used to give credits or small prizes that can be used within the app.

Before releasing this plugin for all developers the Flutter team carried out a private beta program with some customers to test new features, such as Sua Musica (largest Latin American music platform for independent artists with more than 15k verified artists and 10M MAU), and it was seen that there was an increase in Impressions, in the CTR and in the eCPM.

Implementing this new package in your Flutter app is very very simple and with the codelabs you can try out various configurations and use ads that best fit your app. I think this new addition fills a gap that was present until now and allows us, developers, to have an extra monetization possibility.

Bye, Alberto

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